Over the past 2 months, we’ve had quite a few inquiries regarding the community driven RoboVM Bindings project. Over 30 bindings to popular 3rd party libraries for services like ads, social network integration, or analytics have been contributed over the last year.

However, many of these bindings have not been maintained and ceased to function due to changes in RoboVM or the 3rd party libraries. This lead to a lot of frustration.

Thanks to your feedback on our mailing list and via e-mail, you raised our awareness of this problem. With your help, we’d like to fix this, starting today! We are happy to announce:

With RoboPods, we at RoboVM AB will take on the maintenance of a subset of bindings for the most important 3rd party libraries. We’ll ensure that they are in synch with both the latest RoboVM developments as well as changes to the 3rd party libraries as well.

The initial patch of RoboPods will be open-source and hosted on Github, just like the community maintained bindings project. If the 3rd party library allows it, we will deploy the corresponding RoboPod to Maven Central, so you can easily integrate it in our Maven or Gradle build. In case of 3rd party license issues, we will make it easy for you to build the RoboPod yourself locally. This may be the case for 3rd party libraries that do not allow redistribution.

After the first iteration of RoboPods, we’ll focus our efforts on making it easy to create and distribute RoboPods yourself. This includes semi-automatic binding generation as well as packaging and potentially hosting. We will also provide binding services ourselves: if you need a RoboPod for a 3rd party library not yet supported by us, drop us a mail at hello@robovm.com for a quote.

Now, here’s where you come in! For the first iteration of RoboPods, we need to select a subset of 3rd party libraries that give you and us the biggest bang for the buck. Who better to ask than our community? Below you can find a selection of libraries that we believe are the most important at the moment. The poll will be open until the 1st of June. We’ll then announce the list and start working.

Cast your vote!